Black Hawaiian Lava Men's Bracelet
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Black Hawaiian Lava Men's Bracelet

Lava was appropriately named by people living near Mount Vesuvius. They took the Italian word lava, meaning "a stream caused suddenly by rain," and applied it to the streams of molten rock coming down the sides of Vesuvius, where it came to mean the rock in both its molten and its solidified states.

Lava rock is the physical embodiment of fire. It is said Lava rock can help one develop stronger ties with the earth, beacuse it was once of one elemental form:fire, and has now transmuted to another elemental form: earth.

This bracelet is made with rough round 5/16" Black Hawaiian Lava Beads. They have been knotted with strong yet very supple 100% natural black silk thread, and have a solid Sterling Silver lobster clasp, ring and beads.

All of our beautiful bracelets are hand made. This bracelet measures 8.25". Other sizes can be made at your request, please contact us before ordering for details.

  • Gemstone: Black Hawaiian Lava
  • Clasp & Spacer Beads: Solid Sterling Silver Clasp, Ring, & Beads.
  • Birthstone Month:  August
  • Gemstone Properties:  Lava is similar to Obsidian, in that it can help to prevent negative energy from affecting you, and helps keep your thoughts from turning negative.
  • Country of Origin: USA (Hawaii)
  • Item #: LVA012

Black Hawaiian Lava Men's Bracelet

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